11 Benefits of Mystery Shops For Retailers.

11 Benefits of Mystery Shops For Retailers.

Inspect what you expect.

No matter how much time and money you invested into training your employees, how can you be sure they will keep up the standard when you’re not around? You can’t. And that destroys profits.

There’s only one way to avoid it: secret shopping

The number one thing business owners tell me is, “I just need more customers.”

Wrong! You need them to return. You can’t attract your whole neighborhood to try you, deliver lousy results and expect just getting more traffic through the door will work.

In the Caribbean, everything is word-of-mouth. One bad customer experience can be business suicide.

Random secret shoppers will check on your business for you, showing you exactly what needs to be improved.

Five Guys franchise is one of America’s most popular fast food retailers. Its success is largely thanks to the random shopper program. With over 1000 locations, Five Guys sees the value in nearly 50,000 ‘shops’ per year.

Shouldn't you?


Accela Group’s Market Research Department currently does Mystery Shoppers for several multi-regional companies as one of its many research services. Initiating one is as easy as contacting us.

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