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Our Work Process

Our work process helps us to produce results our clients love

Accela’s Work Process was refined through the establishment of a Quality Management System which has resulted in maximized efficiency (reduce wasted time and money) and effectiveness (satisfy our clients’ goals).

We start with the in-person client briefing, and yes we prefer to do this in person or via Skype. There is something powerful about verbal and face to face communication that truly makes a difference in gauging a client’s true feelings, opinions and approach to a project. We need to know your needs intimately in order to satisfy them.

We confirm that we understand each other with a Contact Report that will contain the agreed-upon approach and scope of work and proceed to the Creative Brief. Accela uses the Advanced Briefing system from Ad Cracker to fully capture all of your messaging objectives and target audience psychographics. Our clients must approve the Creative Brief and the accompanying estimate of cost before we begin work.

We share our concept and first draft with you and make any needed revisions before proceeding to final draft, production and placement.

We prefer to handle media insertion as we can also monitor and measure the effectiveness of our messaging so that we know whether or not we have delivered return on investment for you.