In The Begining

Focused on Public Relations

After the crash of its Green Gold Economy (in bananas), Saint Lucia became one of the fastest developing markets in the English-Speaking Caribbean. In similar fashion, in 1998, founder of Accela, Agnes Francis began meeting the growing Public Relations and Marketing needs of the private sector in the newly competitive tourism destination.

Serving A Regional Powerhouse

When the telecommunications monopoly of Cable & Wireless ended, an upstart, Irish Mobile Company, Digicel entered the market in 2002 and chose Accela as their agency for the OECS during the thick of the mobile wars. Accela provided unflappable crisis communications, revolutionary CSR Platforms, strategic sponsorships and solid support for their marketing and promotions which helped Digicel become the market leader in the region within three years.

The Big Shift

Beyond Our Shores

Scale Down To Scale Up

Then came the financial crash in 2008! Much like COVID-19, it would be a turning point moment. Clients cut their Marketing budgets, despite the tested industry adage; “When times are good, you should advertise. When times are bad you must advertise.” Accela saw that it was time to innovate and ready itself for a new kind of industry. It needed to be simultaneously boundless and more efficient. It required a team with a wider dimension of core competencies to serve clients beyond its base and more technology to do so. Accela then set up hubs in Toronto and the USA and invested in its digital infrastructure. 

Boundless Service

Today, whether it is region-wide research for Heineken, Courts or Digicel or launching Republic Bank EC Limited in several Caribbean islands with Public Relations and Event Planning or producing detailed print material with sponsored ads for Caribbean Association of Banks’ Annual Report or doing Public Education work for the OECS Commission, European Union (EU), UNDP and more, we have our feet on the ground and our finger on the pulse and continue to deliver the best value-added service for our clients large and small. 

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The Team
Agnès Francis
Managing Director
Agnes Francis, Managing Director

Agnès is an internationally Certified Management Consultant and a Project Management Professional with Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Development and Management. As the Managing Director of Accela Marketing and Acme Consulting, she has undertaken a significant body of work. She is a Chartered Director and has served on several public and private sector boards both as a director and Chairperson, including investment promotion, tourism, business, Events and Sports.  

Natasha Clairmonte
Client Services Head
Natasha Clairmonte. Client Services Head

She has improved sales performance and brand awareness for clients through product knowledge by using researching skills to determine new elements/trends and positioning within key markets. Natasha has also written public relations/educational materials including press releases, direct mail pieces and newsletters for a number of clients including GOSL, national, regional and international donor/sponsor and implementing agencies - the European Union, OECS Secretariat, SLCCIA, the Banana Industry Trust and UNDP.

Lydia Osbourne
Research Manager
Lydia Osbourne, Research Manager

Lydia has fifteen years’ professional experience in market, organizational and social research. Her areas of specialization include survey design and analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and organizational development. She has designed and coordinated several projects to guide the implementation of strategic initiatives on behalf of NGOs, development agencies, and private and public-sector entities, spanning various industries in the Caribbean and further afield. She holds a MSc in Demography and a BSc in Social Sciences from the University of the West Indies.

Jessica Joseph
Creative Strategist
Jessica Joseph, Creative Strategist

This TEDx alum and Huffington Post Blogger has been a creative powerhouse for over twenty-two (22) years having been groomed by the Saatchi & Saatchi school of Ideas. Her AATTT and Addy Awards are in the double digits. She is behind some of the most memorable creative endeavors in Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Lucia and has also worked in the UK and throughout the Caribbean.