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As a full service agency, Accela Marketing comprises a team of fully qualified, highly competent, creative and experienced professionals, who work diligently with and for the client, to achieve the optimum results possible. We deliver integrated marketing solutions, advise on and develop marketing strategies, undertake brand development, design logos, create slogans, develop and implement promotional and educational campaigns, and produce events. Our staff are skilled in assisting organizations of all sizes determine who their audiences really are, and what makes them tick. Such insight is invaluable when it comes to crafting a message that will be meaningful to them, and encourage them to ‘buy’ your product, service or ideas.




  • Public Awareness/PR

     In 2007, Accela was approached with the formidable task of changing deeply entrenched, negative attitudes towards the Tourism Industry. They delivered a Tourism Awareness Program that was so comprehensive, multi-tiered and effective at a grassroots level.

    The You Are The U in Tourism Campaign enveloped above the line and below the line media, with smart use of local icons and spokespeople and a cutting edge animated short following the journey of the tourist dollar and how it touches people’s lives.

    After a period of saturation, testing of the public’s perceptions revealed a remarkable turn-around. The transformation was so powerful, the slogan had become local parlance and the entire campaign is currently being revamped for re-use by the Ministry of Tourism.

    Nigel A Mitchell, Director, Saint Lucia Tourism Development Programme, Ministry of Tourism
  • Business Acumen

    Accela is known for its expertise in creating effective business plans and providing invaluable support to the business community. The Saint Lucia Chamber Of Commerce is proud to not only have awarded Accela with several business awards but to avail itself of the agency’s services for its Competitive Linkages Project and our Youth Business Trust initiative.

    The company is an avid supporter of The Chamber and a sponsor at our events as we seek to form stronger global business outreach for the private sector. Accela begins all their marketing and business strategies with thorough research and are able to provide insights that are unique and accurate. The Chamber wholeheartedly recommends the agency to any enterprise seeking to enhance its business or marketing endeavors in this region.

    Brian Louisy, Executive Vice President Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
  • Export Marketing

    We would like to offer our highest recommendation for Ms. Agnes Francis and Accela Marketing for their professionalism and commitment in their field of marketing.

    Having recently worked with them on a project to display and present some of the Caribbean Blue Naturals products at an international trade show, and we were very impressed with the creative ideas and the final presentation. In preparing for this activity, we appreciated their attention to detail, their timely and efficient use of our meetings and the regular updates.

    We would gladly recommend their professional services to others and look forward to working with them in the future.

    Dr. Carlos Segovia, Natmed Ltd
  • Advertising and Promotions

    We wish to thank the Accela team for the conceptualization and execution of the Bank of Saint Lucia Land Loan Campaign which was initially intended to be a 3-month campaign from August 2010 but due to its success was extended to the end of the year 2010, and then further put back out to market during the second half of 2011.
    The response by the public to the campaign was tremendous, helping to exceed sales targets set…the overall theme of the campaign Take root here…and let your dreams begin created a level of ownership and identification with the need to own a piece of the country. It was a compelling reason to act. Further the simple, single, clean image of the press advertisement conveyed a thousand of images.
    Whereas it was not originally intended, in many ways the campaign also embraced the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy as it conveyed the message of Bank of Saint Lucia in some tangible way giving back to the people of St. Lucia by making it affordable and possible for them to own land. As a result we were able to easily create and execute a public relations strategy alongside the print and radio campaign.
    Once again I would like to thank the Accela team for turning what could have been very mundane advertising into an intriguing, persuasive and successful advertising campaign.

    Maria Fowell, Senior Manager, Marketing & Corporate Communications, East Caribbean Financial Holding Company Ltd.
  • Brand and Corporate Identity

    In the fall of 2010, I embarked on a new venture – a consulting business which I was planning to start with four partners based in multiple countries (USA, CANADA and BERMUDA). We were a small start-up with big plans and absolutely no materials or company profile with which to introduce ourselves.

    Having seen some excellent work from Accela Marketing in the past, in particular a campaign they had created for a Xerox Partner in Saint Lucia, I contacted them for help.

    Accela responded quickly with ideas and suggestions, and walked us through the next steps working with us virtually. They guided us through the many evolutions of our name, our logo and our presentation package. In a very short time we had an image for our business and a packet to present to our potential clientele that outlined our skills, talents and menu of offerings in an elegant format.

    We were able to take these materials and present our business at an Annual Sales Kickoff meeting held by Xerox Corporation in January 2011 which was attended by business owners and managers from 50 companies in the Caribbean and South America. These tools helped us brand and jumpstart our consulting business and we could not have pulled it together so quickly and professionally without the folks at Accela Marketing.   All the work was done via the internet, but we made every deadline and the collaboration went very smoothly.

    I have no hesitation to recommend them to any business looking for creative ways to get the most return for their marketing investment!

    Debra Bova, DNA Business Solutions – Your Blueprint For Success
  • Research and Marketing Strategy

    Accela’s approach to the work including the market research, demonstration of our company’s strengths and relationships, and marketing strategy and approach to ensuring the future success of the brand went a long way in convincing our supplier that our company was the ideal one for their brand.

    It was a pleasure working with ACCELA Marketing. The knowledge, insight and marketing creativity and cordiality of the working relationship are strengths which ensured that we kept our status as distributor of our most profitable international brand.

    John Scott Jr., General Manager, Frank B. Armstrong (St. Lucia) Ltd.


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