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Our Awards

We've been consistently winning awards for our amazing results






  • Best in Show- FDL Pest Solutions “Cockroach”
  • Gold ADDY- FDL Pest Solutions “Cockroach”
  • Gold ADDYs SLASPA’s ‘Behind the Everyday Benefits of Life’ Corporate Campaign
  • Gold ADDY Banana Industry Trust Environmental Awareness Campaign
  • Silver ADDY ECFH 2012 Calendar
  • Silver ADDY ECFH 2010 Annual Report
  • Silver ADDY Accela Website
  • Silver ADDY Accela Facebook Page
  • Silver ADDY Consolidated Food Limited Sweepstakes
  • Silver ADDY for a Print Campaign for Bank of Saint Lucia’s Financial Crisis Response
  • Silver ADDY Southern Taxi Association Website


St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce



  • Marketing Excellence 2012
  • Idea Of The Year “The Big Start Show” 2011
  • Service Exporter Of The Year 2006


Other Awards


  • Communications Award from AAPA (American Association of Port Authorities) for the St. Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority education campaign “Behind the everyday benefits of life” with a score of 96%.